Mold Assessments

JW Mold Assessors is NYS licensed to perform mold assessments. We will provide you with an extensive report prior and post the mold remediation work to ensure it is taken care of properly. We bring several instruments to each visit to help us determine the presence of mold and the root cause of the moisture issue.

Surface Sample Testing

Surface sample testing can be performed to determine the amount of mold growth and the spore concentration throughout your home. The samples are collected by swabbing, tape lifting and other methods. The samples are then sent off to the laboratory where they are tested.

Air Testing

We can take air samples from the areas of concern that have been affected in order to test for the mold spore concentration in the air. Indoor air quality testing is performed to determine the presence and levels of mold in the air throughout your home. This can be especially helpful when there is no visual mold. Air testing is often done prior to and upon completion of the remediation work.

mold testing

When Should I Have Mold Testing?

JW Mold Assessors will first visually inspect your home for signs of mold growth throughout different areas of your home that are of concern. We will determine if indoor air quality or surface sample testing is necessary or recommended.

Situations when mold testing is suggested:

  • Unexplained health concerns (health symptoms that have persisted for some time, or if a doctor has mentioned potential mold issues)
  • Musty or strong odor but there is no visible mold growth
  • When looking at purchasing a new home (mold can be in hidden areas so when doing a walk through you may not realize there is a mold issue)
  • After a flood or persistent leak (if there has been standing water in any area for over 48 hours, mold growth can occur)
  • Rental properties rather it be the tenant or landlord when proof is needed to ensure the presence mold